GO NORTH Set Photography

My set photography for UCLA MFA Thesis film GO NORTH. Directed by Vanita Shastry. Release: Spring 2014

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A visit home

My anthology of iPhoneography

Diner Eats

This is where I grew up

View from City Park

Rob’s place

First Snow

New products

Super excited about these new additions to our Etsy shop!

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Spin The Dial

A little while back I finally crossed of another thing on my artist To Do list and I started an Etsy shop named Spin The Dial with one of my best friends Robert Nachman. We made a ‘making of’ video of our Ink Tiles that we have for sale on our shop. Check it out:

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Wildwood NJ and the Apocalypse

There is something that I love about post-apocalyptica. From playing video games like Fall Out, watching zombie movies and syfy shows I find I spend a majority of my time pondering what the world will be like and the types of choices that I would have to make in that scenario.
I have decided a few things. 1. I will really miss eating amazing food at restaurants. 2. I will become super badass and like a surgeon with a shotgun. and 3. I will finally get a chance to think more about what is, rather than what will be.
In the meantime, before fire rains from the skies or zombies try to take down my fortress (doubt this will happen cause I’m taking the advice of a friend and enclosing my fortress with treadmills for the living dead to run on endlessly) I have some photos to share from a cold night on a creepy beach board walk in NJ that remind me of a time that has happened before and will happen again (so say we all)

Philadelphia Flea Market

On 8th and Spring Garden street © Candice Rose Knutson


Laurel Hill Cemetery

“Today, Laurel Hill is located in the North section of Philadelphia, comprising an estimated 78-acre tract of land. Laurel Hill is one of the few cemeteries in the nation to be honored with the designation of National Historic Landmark, a title received in 1998. Numerous prominent people are buried at the Cemetery, including many of Philadelphia’s leading industrial magnates. Names such as Rittenhouse, Widener, Elkins and Strawbridge certainly pique local interests, but Laurel Hill also appeals to a national audience. General Meade and thirty-nine other Civil War-era generals reside here, in addition to six Titanic passengers. As in its earliest days, Laurel Hill’s natural beauty and serenity continue to render it a bucolic retreat nestled within the city’s limits overlooking the Schuylkill River. This beautiful green space is further complemented by the breathtaking art, sculpture and architecture that can be found here. These are just some of the many attributes that render Laurel Hill Cemetery a primary destination for local and national visitors to the City of Brotherly Love.”- The Laurel Hill Cemetery.org


© Candice Rose Knutson